Modular Tool

Our tool is a modular application, totally configurable and adaptable to your needs. It is a tool that grows with you, as your management model evolves.

The tool is made up of Generic Modules that come by default, free of charge in any of the licenses contracted by a client and by Global Solutions by Business Model, composed of different Specific Modules.

The global solutions, are composed of different modules that can also be contracted individually

Main Modules

Manage all your business documentation with subcontracts / customers. Learn more

Efficiently manage the prevention of your company. Learn more

Effectively manage ISO 14001, automating environmental processes. Learn more

Establish the access requirements to your work centers and controls the access of workers and equipment. Learn more

Generic Modules

Customize your management model

eGestiona adapts to your company and allows you to evolve constantly. Learn more

Define access roles and permissions

Different levels of security per user and access profile. Learn more

Create a collaborative work environment

The documentation of your management systems always available and shared with security. Learn more

Create your reports in Excel easily

eGestiona is proactive, it sends you periodically the business reports that you have defined . Learn more

Create and manage your own data

eGestiona allows you to define new information fields for each element of the application . Learn more

Create your own collaborative network

Create a communication channel with your workers and your companies (customers, suppliers, contractors …).Learn more

Transversal Modules

The transversal modules are modules inherent to the application itself and are integrated with the rest of the modules of the same, when hiring the occupational risk prevention modules and / or the environmental module, they are already incorporated into the solution.

Control and manage all your breaches of business processes

Defines the management flows and notifications of the incidents. Exploit business information. Learn more

Define and control the evolution of your business objectives

Plan your objectives for each business area and define the control indicators to control compliance. Learn more

Manage all the activities and tasks you have to perform

Action plans for evaluations, incidents, legislation, documentation etc. See more

Performs regular controls in the management processes

Create audit templates, determine which element to audit and exploit the results. Learn more

Control compliance with legislation that affects you

Verify compliance with the legislative requirements of quality, environment, industrial and food safety. Learn more

App for both Android and Apple(IOS)

eMoviliza allows the management of the access control of workers and equipment through QR / NFC and the consultation of the entire coordination process. Learn more

Services Integrations

Strategic alliances with other service providers and management applications (External Prevention Services, Training Companies, Access Control System Suppliers, Management Software Companies, etc.) allow us to offer integrated solutions without the need for developments or implementations complex. Works from the first day in an integrated manner.

Learn more about the available Services Integrations

Specific Integrations

If you need to integrate your management systems with eGestiona in a special way, with customized and tailored functions, we offer you our integration APIs

Do not worry if none of the integration solutions fit into your business. As a software development company we will create the integration as you need, ensuring both the security of the information that is integrated, and the availability and integrity of the data.

Learn more this kind of integrations