Documentary Access Control and Markings

Everything under control, fast and efficient, without investment

Easily monitor and manage access control and markings in
your work centers through your computer, tablet or mobile

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Technology at the service of access control

With eGestiona you control the entries and exits of workers and equipment, and register the marking automatically, using bar codes, QR codes and / or NFC tags . You can also configure the accreditations of your workers, personalizing the iconography of each position.

Our application allows you to generate accreditation cards for each worker and / or equipment, using the technology that best suits your company

Use reading devices for codes and labels: standard scanners of QR codes / bars, external readers of NFC tags or your own smartphone on Android or your iPhone on iOS

Decision of not allowed access making according to security hierarchy

Our application allows you to make escalations within the hierarchy of command of the work center, of those requests for access of workers and equipment that do not meet the documentary requirements.

eGestiona makes it easy for you to configure for each user of the access control chain of each work center, its management profile, defining its permissions and specific functions and even the restrictions of viewing documents and / or files.

Let the application notify you by email of any incorrect access that occurs in your work centers and if you need it you can trace in real time the actions that each user of the chain of command performs in access control.

Everything under control from the mobile with the eMoviliza app

Now it is possible to control access with your mobile phone, Android or iOS, in a simple and efficient way, configuring with our application eMoviliza the model you prefer (automatic, manual, by center, by activity, etc.).

You can automate the entrances and exits of workers and equipment without having to interact with eMoviliza and encode identification cards with your mobile phone using NFC (near feld communication) technology.

To make your work more comfortable the management of access control and scaling is done graphically and intuitively

Business reports at the service of time control and presence

The presence report allows to know in real time, which workers are in the workplace, which is very useful in case of emergency.

The business intelligence allows us to take advantage of the information of the entry and exit markings for decision making, facilitating in turn the control of hours worked by companies and workers in each workplace.

eGestiona provides prevention and human resources managers with complete access control reports and facilitates the sending of the reports of markings automatically to the recipients of your choice.

Hold off the accident rates in your Work Centers

Configures the model of accident rate (types of incidents, results, consequences, types of injuries) and joins the control of the hours worked by each worker with the accidents suffered.

eGestiona provides contractors and your own company with the management of incidents suffered, and through the business intelligence of accident rate helps you in making decisions for the definition of preventive and corrective plans

What if I have lathes and barriers and I already use other marking software?

If you already have your own software of markings and a whole infrastructure of lathes and barriers, reaprove it adding the functionalities of eGestiona.

Collect in eGestiona, from your access control, the entries and exits made and process the information for your preventive management.

You can use any of the three solutions we propose:

Improve the management of your visits with eGestiona

Manage the entries and exits, and control the presence of visits in your work centers. You can make visiting cards and register both the visitor and the visited.

eGestiona allows you to set the maximum time for storing visitor information according to the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Uses business intelligence to exploit visitor data information.

Modular Structure of eGestiona

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