Coordination of business activities

Automate document exchange with your clients and contractors

eGestiona solves all the administrative tasks of document management and provides you with an environment of
collaborative work with your clients and with your subcontracting chain

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A collaborative and automated work environment

Discover how easy it is to access the intranet and from there administer, manage and consult all the information related to the coordination of activities, depending on the profile and access permissions of each user

The extranet of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers is a tool that transfers the administrative documentary work to the companies of your subcontracting chain, facilitating the management of its own business structure and the processing of the documents that we request.

The extranet of clients is a tool that facilitates your clients the real-time monitoring of the entire process of coordination of business activities, according to the documentary requirements demanded by each one of them. The client can download all the required documentation

The extranet of promoters and / or health and safety coordinators allows us to provide the person responsible for security, mainly in construction works, with an application for monitoring the coordination and accreditation of companies, workers and teams within the work.

eMoviliza is the app for Android and iOS that allows you to consult from the mobile all the process of document coordination and control of the accreditations of companies, workers and teams. From anywhere you can manage access control and markings or activities within your work centers

Accreditation of workers and use of machinery

Manage the accreditations of workers and makes their cards with pictograms, barcodes and QR codes. You can define the documentary requirements, knowledge, medical protocols and protective equipment that each worker needs to be accredited

Configure the machines and equipment defining the requirements that a worker must meet to be able to handle them and control the accreditations using the personalized reports of business intelligence.

Lights and real-time reports for document control

If you want to control the documentary status quickly and efficiently, eGestiona is your tool. Global management of documentary coordination, access, payments, waste management and ADR, accreditations of workers and machinery, chemical products…You can see all this information very easily, customize the way to see it to suit each user, from the access control personnel to the company’s address.

eGestiona will create automatic reports periodically and send them to your email, with the percentage of document compliance by company, workers and teams in each work center. You can also export any coordination report to Excel automatically and use predefined templates with dynamic tables and graphics included, using Excel’s Power Pivot technology

All the documentation from a single screen

We facilitate the authorization or rejection of documents from a single screen with a simple click. By configuring the most common types of document rejections and defining the rejection text by default you can generate the rejection email automatically, improving the response time.

In the same way you can configure and publish the validation criteria for each type of document to avoid unnecessary rejections by improving the approval ratio and coordination management.

To streamline document management filter the documentation as you need: by the different documentary states, by company, worker, team, center, type of document, etc, and save your favorite filters and repetitive searches. eGestiona also offers you the possibility of automatically exporting to Excel all the documentary reports that you see on the screen.

Plan and coordinate activities in your work centers

If you need to create a work plan and define the tasks or the execution times, eGestiona allows you to generate a different coordination model for each activity, requesting specific documentation of each work. You can configure the companies, workers and teams that will develop this activity in each work center, also planning the duration of their activities.

The application also allows you to control, even from the mobile, access to your work centers of companies, workers and equipments by activities, depending on the required documentation

What if my clients also have eGestiona?

Then it will be very easy to integrate the coordination automatically with them. You only have to upload the documentation of your company and authorize your contracts and automatically eGestiona will be responsible for integrating everything in the license of your customers.

In your application you can configure the documentary model of each client and create the structure of companies, workers and teams, yours or your subcontracting chain, that work in each of your clients.

Integrated elements, documents sent, documentary situations, incidents of integration … follow the traceability of the process in each of its stages using business intelligence.

CBA with other clients and platforms

Clients that do not have a coordination platform or want to use your eGestiona

If your clients want to use your eGestiona application, you can assign them user permissions so that they can control the information of centers, companies, workers, equipment and documents that you share with them, while maintaining a follow-up of the procedures they perform.

If your clients do not want to use eGestiona you can send them automatically e-mails with the new documentation that affects them. eGestiona allows you to configure the contents of the email and the distribution lists of both automatic and manual mailings. It is also possible to track the shipments and documentary inquiries that your customers have made.

Clients that have other coordination platforms

We also have alternatives and functionalities to help you in this case. If the platform offers integration mechanisms, we can develop processes to automatically load your documentation and your information into it. If not, eGestiona allows you to make a fully structured and identifiable list of the documentation. Each folder identifies univocally a center, company, worker or team and each document incorporates its type, its effective date and to whom it belongs.

You can download the documents in ZIP format and upload them to third platforms without needing to review them or if you prefer, use the outsourcing service of our partners

Trace all management actions and control who, how, what and when

We rely on the latest technologies to design the systems that allow you to guarantee traceability in all processes. With eGestiona you will ensure compliance with the GDPR and control all management actions involving personal data.

You can also check in real time the activity of all internal and external users who manage the application, filtering queries by type of action, user, company or period of time.

The application allows you to register and consult all the authorized and rejected documentation by each user and control the response times of documentary validation agreed internally or with the externaliser. You can also export to Excel in dynamic tables and associated graphs all relevant action control information

Advanced business intelligence reports eGestiona takes the initiative!

Let eGestiona work for you making and sending by email the business reports you need. Take advantage of the power of Power Pivot and the dynamic tables of Excel to present the information as you have configured it.

You will see how easy is to export to Excel, in real time, information about the process of coordination of business activities, and determine which reports you want to send by email, your content, the list of recipients and the periodicity of the mailing.

Discover how easy it is to configure the security of access to the reports, determining who can manage and consult them, tracking the traceability of the shipments. In addition, we can develop customized reports with specific filters and graphics.

Modular Structure of eGestiona

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