Manage your environmental certification effectively

Evaluate and manage the environmental aspects that affect your company. eGestiona helps you measure the risks
and to audit your centers, being able to define and control your plan of action easily

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Measure the environmental impact of your company

Every project or activity can produce alterations in the environment. With our software it is easy to manage environmental categories, determine criteria and define your evaluation model. You can also obtain significant environmental aspects for your company and evaluate them in each work center and at each control point.

eGestiona, in addition, allows you to create non-conformities and of course, develop an action plan tailored to your needs using business intelligence, to get the most out of making decisions.

Evaluate environmental risks

The risk assessment seeks to identify the hazards present in the work environment and assess the need to act before them. With eGestiona you can define your model and identify the causes that generate the risks. Evaluate them in each work center and determine your method of analysis: binary matrices, fine method, etc.

eGestiona provides you with the list of risk matrices of each evaluation and the creation of preventive plans helping you with business intelligence to make your evaluation more profitable and help you in making decisions.

Manage waste comprehensively

Our application will help you to systematize and simplify the processes that involve waste treatment, creating the inventory of your waste and classifying them by EWL and EWC codes.

It will also allow you to make forecasts, manage, register and coordinate the collection with carriers and managers controlling the documentation of the latter, making sure that they comply with current legislation.

The use of business intelligence will help you in improving decision making in waste management

Manage your Chemical Products according to the CLP standard

Committing to environmental responsibility means paying special attention to chemical products and the European Directives that govern their labeling.

Now it is easy to manage your inventory of chemical products and their characteristics by automatically identifying them by their pictograms, H and P phrases, their hazard classification, their hazard indications, their prudential advice and their basic components.

eGestiona also allows you a convenient management of suppliers and their safety and food safety cards. You can define and manage the request flows for the use of new chemical products and involve all the departments of the company in the validation of the use of a new product (purchases, quality, environment, OHS …) With the business intelligence you will improve the management of your chemical products.

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Modular Structure of eGestiona

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