Generic Modules

Functionalities available in any license that you contract

Through these modules you will configure your application, controlling aspects such as access security or business reports, among others

Administration and Configuration. eGestiona adapts to your way of working.

With this functionality you will customize the application to your liking, adjusting the management model of each business process to the way of working of your company. This module allows you to configure the master tables of the system in different languages ​​and set the operating parameters of the application (file size, notification frequency, data protection, OCR process, worker cards, etc.)

In addition you can perform massive administrative operations on companies, centers or incidents, and determine who and when notifications are made by email that generates the application.

eGestiona Security. Thinking of your tranquility

The protection of your data is a priority for us. That is why we have developed this module that allows you to customize the permissions of eGestiona users and define security at the user level, complying with the requirements of the GDPR.

In addition, it will be easy to define and manage the security of consultation or management of each document or business process (incidents, objectives, indicators, …), as well as business intelligence reports what do you do

Document Manager The advantages of a collaborative network

Through documentary libraries, the document manager is integrated with all the modules of eGestiona, so you can share the information you want internally and with your clients, contractors, suppliers, etc.

This module allows you to control the versions of your documents, define the personalized documentary tabs with your own labels and manage the documentary flows by colors (editor, reviewer, authorizer, publisher).

In addition you can configure the security of access to each folder and documentary record, as well as notify users of new publications. Using business intelligence you will make the manager’s information profitable

Business Intelligence BI. eGestiona works for you.

Take profit out of your data and improve decision making using the latest BI technologies in Excel, Power Pivot withdynamic charts and graphs. Set up your own business reports by determining the filters you want to apply, as well as automatic notifications and frequent recipients. Thanks to this functionality you can also download in Excel, in real time, the different predefined templates.

Control through traceability the access to each report sent by mail and define the security of consultation, management or administration of them. Let eGestiona through BI help you in your business processes and business decision making

Labels and metadata. You´re the boss !

With this module you will be able to define which fields and labels you need to carry out an efficient management of your business processes: text, whole numbers, decimals, selection lists, checkboxes, attachments, multiselect lists, date and time, etc.

Manage in each element (company, worker, team, center, document, etc) the tab of metadata and labels filling in the data you need and determine for each element of the application which labels you want to use, defining the requirements that must be met.

Communcation Channel. Let’s talk

You will see how easy it is to make personalized communications with eGestiona, defining headlines, links, attachments and images in a graphic and intuitive way. It will be easy to structure your communication by target according to the recipients (types of company, jobs, centers, profiles, etc.) and disseminate the activity your company by email or through the news bulletin board.

You can track the impact of your communications and create a flow of information with your customers, suppliers, contractors, etc., to monetize the recorded information by developing improvement actions through business intelligence and your personalized reports.

Modular Structure of egestiona

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