Occupational Health and Safety

Manage your OHS certification effectively. Safety first!

With this module you will have all the features you need to assess
occupational risks and develop your preventive and maintenance plans

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Are your jobs safe?

Evaluate the occupational risks of your workers applying the models, FINE or Binary, that best fit each work center. You can determine the risks of each element evaluated: structural elements of the workplace, positions, activities, machinery, chemical products, workers, among others.

Our OHS module allows you to easily customize the trees of risks, causes and recommendations, and automatically feed the model with the synergies of each evaluation carried out.

eGestiona helps you in the realization of the risk matrix and the preventive action plan both individually and collectively, taking care of even the smallest details such as the possibility of printing, the reports of the evaluations or summaries that you deliver to the worker.

Personal protective equipment

This functionality allows you to define the classification structure of your PPEs in three levels of management and determine for each type or family the characteristics associated with the equipment or the aspects to control when assigning it to each worker. You can determine the PPE required by each job and check that the workers have the correct equipment.

With eGestiona it will be easy for you to create your inventory and classify it by types and characteristics, making massive or particular assignments of PPE to workers. In addition, with a single click, you can generate delivery documents and ensure control of documentary coordination.

We implemented the NFC technology to code the PPEs as an aid in the audits and follow-up of the revision of the equipment.

A well-designed maintenance plan

To create in a simple way the plans of preventive, corrective maintenance or the specific actions of management of each team or installation, this module allows you to configure the hierarchical structure of your equipment and the types of structural elements of your centers and your machinery and vehicles

You can establish the validation flows of the actions, roles and permissions of the different users that participate in the plan and control the cost of the global maintenance of the team. And if you need it, generate non-conformities and incidents associated with the plan

Chemical products according to the European CLP standard

Manage the products that are handled in your workplace, for each position and worker, controlling compliance with the requirements established by the CLP standard. This module allows you to establish the inventory of products based on your hazard classification and visualize its basic components, pictograms, indications, prudential advice, toxicity, etc.

Through this functionality we will define the terms of use of chemical products, involving all the departments of your company: end users, purchases, OHS, quality and environment.

Technology for the control of incidents

We provide you with the solution to manage possible accidents that may affect your company and the results of them. Through customized processing forms you can define management flows for each type of incident and determine the action plan to follow.

We implement different mechanisms to record the hours worked by employeess: through Access Control of eGestiona, or by integration with other platform of access control or manually by internal or external users.

Anticipate future incidents using business intelligence to analyze the causes of your accident rate per company, per worker, for periods of time, etc.

Preventive culture, health and training

This module allows you to manage all the information of the medical examinations and the training of the workers of your company, besides it incorporates a planner that will help you to organize them in advance.

If you have your own medical service, eGestiona allows you to define generation and management flows of the medical examination, and if you manage these aspects with third companies, eGestiona provides you with the mechanisms for the integration of the medical examinations and the training in the system:

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Modular Structure of eGestiona

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