Specific Integrations

Duplicate tasks? No thanks!

Integrating eGestiona with your business applications we avoid duplicating efforts, saving you costs and time

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Customized Integrations

Integrate any management system (ERP, CRM, HR, …) or any information with eGestiona

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API eAccess Sync

Integrate your access control/markings with the documentary access control of eGestiona

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API eData Sync

Integrate all the coordination information of eGestiona with your internal applications

Create an integrated management environment

We have developed web services to integrate eGestiona with the main management tools (SAP, Navision, Peoplesof, Meta4, etc.). If you do not use any of them, do not worry! We can use the web services that you have developed in your applications to bidirectionally integrate the information with eGestiona or even develop tailored services to integrate specifically with your management systems.

The communication between eGestiona and your business applications, through web services, is developed through secure channels Also if you prefer we can exchange flat files / excel, enabling you a secure SFTP channel on our servers.

API eAccess Sync. Control the accesses to your centers

You can integrate your access control and marking software with eGestiona through our API eAccessSync. This way you can get the list of all the workers, equipments and companies that carry out activities in your work centers and control their access documentation.

The service is encrypted and each integrated application has a unique key for authentication.

The integration service is bidirectional and therefore collects in eGestiona all the markings of the workers / equipments that access your work centers.

API eDataSync. Use all the information of eGestiona in your systems

It includes the functionality of the API eAccess Sync and also allows you to obtain all the accreditations of workers, teams and companies for each center, as well as the information and documents linked to them

We put in your hands all the documentary model of coordination: documents, classifications, jobs, etc.

Modular Structure of eGestiona

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