Transversal Modules

Integrated in the main modules of environment and prevention

These functionalities provide flexibility to eGestiona and allow us to easily adapt to your needs
in areas such as incident management, audits, action plans or legislation.

Incidences, non conformities and accidents

With this functionality you can customize incidents and non-conformities adapting them to your management model, codify them with your criteria and document them with images and files. You can determine the management flows (administrators, managers and consultants), examine the states by color and define to whom and at what moment the application will notify by email the incident.

If you wish you can customize your forms defining the types of accidents and their potential results. eGestiona helps you to make the information profitable and to establish a plan of action against incidents and accidents.

Objectives/Indicators. Moving in the right way

Create your business objectives plan by business areas with eGestiona. Start by assigning the roles and profiles of management or consultation of each objective and establish the indicators that will measure compliance, defining your periodic control KPIs and assigning users for evaluations.

To make your work more comfortable the management with eMoviliza is done graphically and intuitively, so you can download all the documentation of a worker, team or machinery to your mobile. The application will send you notifications to facilitate your control over the legal limits of the indicators and the fulfillment of objectives and indicators.

Action Plans and Tasks. The key to success!

This module allows you to configure and control all the actions and tasks assigned to you. To make you more comfortable controlling workflows, eGestiona organizes them by color and sends you notifications of assigned tasks and those that are about to expire.

You can access directly from the action the elements that generated it (incidents, objectives, laws, evaluations, …), attach files and photos to document the tasks and define those responsible for its management.

Also with this functionality you will see the costs of the actions, both planned and real, making the information profitable and controlling temporary deviations and budget by means of business intelligence.

Perform controls of your business processes

Thanks to this functionality you can configure your audit and inspection templates in a personalized way and classify them by business areas, creating questions and multiple quantitative or qualitative answers.

Create areas and sub-areas with different weights and define the users that must perform the audits or inspections, attaching with a click documentation, images and files to them.

Manages non-conformities and uses business intelligence to draw conclusions from audits and carry out action plans.

Legislative Diagnoses. Ensures legal compliance

Let eGestiona tell you the laws and requirements that you must meet in your business areas. You will receive by email the updates that we make monthly of the legislation of OHS, environment, quality, industrial and food safety.

This module allows you to manage legal non-conformities from the law itself or requirement, attach documentary evidence directly in the legislative diagnosis itself and use the legislative compliance reports in Excel to carry out legal follow-up.

We cover the geographical areas of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, France, England and Latin America (consult countries)

App eMoviliza. Your mobile is your office.

Developed for both Android and iOS environments, our application allows you to perform various functions in real time from your mobile. You can consult the coordination information of workers and equipment using QR codes or NFC chips, make markings and documentary access controls and check the accreditations or the activities that an employee has to develop.

To make your work more comfortable the management with e Moviliza is done graphically and intuitively, so you can download all the documentation of a worker, team or machinery to your mobile

Modular Structure of eGestiona

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