ISO 27001 Certification as a Security Framework

Our main objective is to protect the information of your organization, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands or losing. That is why we preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, evaluating the risks and applying the appropriate controls.

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides the requirements related to Information Security Management Systems and that certifies our commitment to the protection of your data

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ISO 20000-1 Certification as IT Service Management Framework

This certification helps us to maintain an efficient control of the services of Information Technologies, covering a set of key processes ranging from the management of service levels and their traceability, to the management of suppliers, incidents, changes or deliveries , among others.

The certification allows us to increase the efficiency of eGestiona and ensure effective and high quality control in its availability to our customers. The ISO 20000-1 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a reliable infrastructure and IT services.

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High Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We know that you need eGestiona to be always there when you need it.

We are the only ones in this sector that we guarantee by contract the availability of the system 99.999% of the time and that if we do not comply with our service level agreement, we are financially penalized.

To achieve this high availability we have made a significant investment in infrastructure, with two data systems that are replicated in real time. Thus, if the main instance falls, the secondary one will start automatically, without interruption of the service.

eGestiona complies with the European Data Protection Regulation

We trace both the actions of your internal and external users on all the personal data of your application such as reading and downloading the files you send from Nexxia Tech by email and we guarantee the security of access

In addition eGestiona allows you to easily configure and customize the requirements of passwords (Access Control, Locks, Complexity, Expiration, etc.), the conditions of use of the application and the GDPR. If you need it, we also prepare your personalized security manual where the procedures to manage the within Nexxia Tech are defined.

Your data is yours and we protect it

We are committed to you, by contract, with the fulfillment of the requirements of the law, guaranteeing your ownership of the data stored on the platform and the level of service and support we offer you:

  • The information “is not shared” with other clients, your database is only yours
  • We incorporate economic penalties if we do not comply with the contracted services
  • We make backups, in real time, in two interconnected data infrastructures, located in different locations.
  • You will have these backup copies on a regular basis and you can easily manage them without depending on us

We integrate eGestiona with your Security Systems

For your workers it will be much more convenient to access their internal management systems and to eGestiona with a single user and password.

We facilitate the unification of eGestiona with your Security Directory, centralizing the administration and synchronization of user accounts in a single security system avoiding duplication and errors.

Secure Digital Certificate CA- SHA256 -G2

eGestiona has TLS Security in all the tools that make up the application with GlobalSign Organization Validation Secure Digital Certificate CA -SHA-256 -G2

  • Encrypted communications connection with 256-bit encryption
  • Validation CA- SHA-256 -G2
  • The connection uses TLS as of version 1.0
  • The connection is encrypted with SHA256 for message authentication and RSA as a key exchange mechanism