Outsource management

We take care of the day to day, we are in your team

We help you reduce costs, increasing the productivity of your business and improving the management of your CBA, OHS, Environment, Quality..

Benefits. We reduce costs increase productivity

I reduce the costs of managing the coordination of business activities Payment for service, for management, I use the resources paying for them when I need them.

I reduce the response time. I establish in the service level agreement, the average response times of the outsourcer, according to my management needs

I reduce the non-productive times of my staff My technicians are focused on my business, on my prevention, not on documentary administrative management.

I reduce documentary legal problems in audits. I have all CBA management automated, controlled and with total traceability of the actions that any user develops

I increase the productivity of my company and that of my subcontractors. The integral solution of platform and outsourcing team, assures me the follow-up, documentary control of my work centers and therefore of the companies and workers that access them.

I improve decision making. I have updated information in real time with a single click, without loss of time or need for computer skills

I improve the legal compliance of the coordination process I develop my coordination model by automating its management.

I increase the job security of my centers to be able to effectively develop the preventive surveillance required by law, at the level of OHS training, health surveillance, risks, company attendance etc …

Method. Management model customized to the needs of the client

We define a work protocol agreed with the client. We establish the management mechanisms, the validation criteria of the different documents

We define the control of contractors / subcontractors, we establish the control periods, the notifications that will be made

We will determine with the client, the access criteria, accreditations and payments to contractors / subcontractors, their workers and their equipment

We define the mechanisms of control of markings, management and control of cards of workers and equipment

We will establish the meeting plan and the business reports necessary for the client, defining the mechanisms for publishing, exchanging and monitoring the outsourcing process

Coordination of Business Activities Services

Initial services. Pre-Implantation

Regular Services. Post-Implantation