Listening to you to improve

We have developed a network of Collaborative Knowledge with clients, which allows us to obtain synergies of growth and knowledge to be always in constant evolution and be adapted to the changes of your business.

We have the advantage of working day-to-day with you and knowing your needs, which allows us to develop a semi-annual plan of improvements and new features at no cost to you, which we notify and explain in detail through simple videos from the eGestiona communication channel

eGestiona is an integrated solution

eGestiona integrates with your management systems

In your company, management applications can not be islands of knowledge. It is necessary to share and integrate information from different environments in order to streamline and optimize decision making.

In a simple and fast way, with our APIs or with Custom Web Services, we will make the information circulate in an effective and integrated way with your tools: Access control and markings, Human Resources, Documentary Systems, ERP, CRM, etc. avoiding duplication and inconsistency of the data.

We work with different software and services companies. We have already developed jointly integrations with its applications: Access Control / Markings, Human Resources, Documentary Systems, ERP, CRM …

From the 1st day working with your current information

We seek efficiency and productivity in your company, that’s why all your previous work is profitable within eGestiona.

We have extensive experience in data migration from practically all market platforms and in any management process: quality, environment, coordination, prevention, legislation, etc.

You work with your data and your business model from the first day

Outsource all your processes with us

We offer a full service outsourcing. We are experts in the management processes: OHS, CBA, Environment, Quality, Legislation, etc.

A global and transparent solution where knowledge always remains in your hands

Our support team is your team

Our customer service team (OHS Technicians, Software Engineers, Business Consultants, Lawyers …) offers personalized and effective support.

We help you both in the use of eGestiona and in the monitoring and optimization of your business processes, guaranteeing a service level agreement (SLA) for any incident or query.

Continuous improvement of eGestiona to adapt to your company

The start-up of eGestiona is personalized

The eGestiona training and implementation plan is developed at your own pace or online.

eGestiona adapts to your business model, we configure your model in the application and we train you in your tool, personalized and optimized to your management